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In all of these articles, I will take a standard approach. There will be written articles, sample code, links to JavaDocs, as well as videos. The whole article consists of all these materials. I will rarely just write text or just a video, because I think we need to see things explained to us through many different types of media to fully understand.

This means that if you just read the article, or just watch the video you will miss out on a lot of material. Sometimes, it won’t make sense without looking at everything. I might not even talk about a real important subject in the article, but it is in the video, or just in the sample code. So please, take the time and look at everything and I think you will learn a lot from it.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope your find it useful.


p.s. I moderate all the comments, so if you are going to post spam, you are just wasting time, yours and mine. They will never appear on the site, and I will never reply to any.