Develop a More Skilled Workforce

We’ve all heard the cliché, “those who can do and those who can’t teach” but I’m happy to say that I’ve personally been doing my part to disprove this out-dated saying.

You see, in addition to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge code, I also provide high-level training in a number of platforms that will help your developers/programmers improve their knowledge and skills and job performance.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Software Architecture
  • Java Enterprise Applications
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Mobile development
    • IOS
    • Android
    • J2ME
    • Web Based Mobile applications
  • No Sql databases, including Neo4j, MongoDB
  • Relational databases including Oracle, Postgres and others
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Integration
  • Spring Batch
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Web
  • Performance Improvement
  • Review of current applications and architecture

I’ve also helped write the Java Certification Exam 5.0 and been a technical editor for books like SCJP 5.0 Exam Prep.

In addition to that, I’m a “sheriff” at the popular website JavaRanch where I answer people’s questions on all types of subjects. To date, I’ve made over 16,000 posts at the site.

Here’s the bottom line: Few things are more beneficial to your bottom line than providing high-quality training to workers – provided you get a skilled instructor who not only is up-to-date on the very latest developments but also knows how to break down and explain complex subject matter in simple, easy to understand terms.

I have been an in-demand trainer for many years, including working as a trainer for SpringSource.

I know how to get your employees attention and keep it so that they gain the knowledge they need to overcome current and future challenges and do their jobs better.

Remember, providing high quality training is not just a great way to increase your bottom line but it will also help you attract top talent, enhance employee loyalty and reduce turnover.

Contact me to learn more about my training services. For fee information, please click here.

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