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Welcome to Perfect World Programming LLC

Don’t trust your enterprise application architecture/design or worker training to just anyone!

As someone who helped write Java Certification Exam 5.0 and who’s been a “sheriff” at the popular website JavaRanch, I have the expertise to ensure your company gets exactly what it needs to prosper in the future.

In fact, I now have over 20 years experience covering a wealth of platforms and a wealth of industries … which allows me to bring to each project not just extensive knowledge but also unique insight and “out-of-the-box” thinking that ensure you get a solution that increases the efficiency of your operations and/or provides your business with valuable information … while saving you money!

For example, did you know that 80% of the costs of the average software project are for maintenance?

Well, it’s true. That’s why I take great care to keep your maintenance costs at an absolute minimum. From my coding style to my choice of framework to my training and database choices – everything I do is based on:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Reducing the amount of code needed
  • Reducing coupling to specific vendors or technologies
  • Making it very, very easy to test

So in the end you get a programming solution that not only does what it is supposed to but does it in a way that is incredibly easy (and inexpensive) to maintain.

In other words, I specialize in delivering programming solutions that you’d expect to only find in “a perfect world.”

Currently, I’m available for only short projects ranging in length from one week to two months maximum. My fees, which correspond to my knowledge level and extensive experience, are $200 an hour or $1500 a day … still just a fraction of the money you’ll save over the long run with the programming solution or training or consulting that I provide to you!

Please take a moment to look around my website to learn more about me. To speak with me directly, please contact me.

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